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Cardiology Personal Statement

One of the main personal qualities that this expert possesses is that Conrad handles orders as if he is the person who is applying for the residency. He puts himself in customers’ shoes, trying to identify what the committee would like to see in admission documents. Aside from this, Conrad’s writing pace can be envied.

  • Cardiology (from Greek καρδίᾱ kardiā, "heart" and -λογία -logia, "study") is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the heart and the cardiovascular system. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Physicians who specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists, a specialty of internal medicine. Pediatric cardiologists are pediatricians who specialize in cardiology. Physicians who specialize in cardiac surgery are called cardiothoracic surgeons or cardiac surgeons, a specialty of general surgery.

  • Therefore, Cardiac electrophysiology is my specific interest in cardiology because it enables me focus on cardiology mechanics of systolic performances. Lastly, at my present job at Newark, I have been responsible for patient care in intensive and cardiac care units. The duties have enabled me witness and take part in numerous operations.

  • Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement specifically for you for only $15.90 $12/page! Hire Writer I have a strong desire to become adept in a variety procedures, and I am keen to pursue substantial clinical research in the field. Additionally, I am keen to progress to teaching medical students and interns in the field of cardiology.


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